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BRING ON 2017!

January 25, 2017

The years seem to fly by quickly the older you get. What seemed to take forever to come, is within your sight in the blink of an eye.  Although the days sail on by, one thing that I tend to spend more time doing in the year end is look back and reflect. I remember the highs and lows and set my focus towards the goals ahead.

This is entirely possible in the comfort of my own home, BUT I find doing this process outside of my everyday environment is much more effective. I love going away to a place where although familiar, it’s away from life’s distractions. This special place allows time for reflection and restoration. My favorite destination to do this is my second home in Jamaica. However; it also could be any town where time can slow down and regular commitments don’t get in the way.

After the years battles and joyous occasions, my soul, body and mind crave time. Time to reset to welcome the year ahead and prepare for what it holds. I build back the energy that has been depleted and build up my emotional, mental and physical strength to face the 12 months ahead.  Don’t get me wrong, every quarter or less this girl needs a quick escape for a mini reset just to keep my backside on track.

As I sit here, in retreat and type this out, I can’t help but feel great appreciation for this time I have. When I get away, I’m also reminded of all of the blessings. Sometimes it’s easy to forget your fortunes with the whirlwind of “life” and the little annoyances you face each day. I am guilty of this, no doubt. But I am thankful I can be reminded that in the grand scheme of things, I am truly fortunate.

So as this New Year unfolds, I will look back at this to be reminded of my blessings when my memory gets clouded and the frustration rises. I wish too for you that you had a time over this past month to reflect, restore and get ready for your days ahead. And that it gave you the positive boost to tackle anything that comes your way.

Here’s to love, laughter and valuable lessons to you in 2017!

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