About Me

Welcome! I am Gennelle aka (also known as) Gee and I’m a self diagnosed travel junkie. I work a full-time job and two part-times job to fuel my wanderlust. I’ve started this blog with the hopes of inspiring, motivating and helping my fellow travel addicts and to keep a record of all the thing’s I’ve learned in my travels.

I have a big passion for helping people (and furry friends) as well as travel and this platform allows me to merge them both! I’m the first to volunteer to research deals or offer up destinations when friends or family are planning their next vacation and I always have a trip in cue. It’s my goal to share what’s helped me in my travels and my experiences with you in hopes that it will give you the pinch you need to make it all happen and tips to get it all done.

I’ve been able to create a lifestyle that gives me the flexibility to travel quite frequently and I am so thankful to be able to do so. Yes working a crazy number of jobs to help pay my way does get hectic, but it’s all for a purpose. I can overdo it a bit at times, but I’ve grown to recognize when I need to slow down. When that happens, I book a few dates with my couch and curl up with a glass of moscato and my dog Milo to watch our favourite night time dramas (The ABC Network has me hooked).

I still have so many places I want to go and one day at a time, I’m getting closer to each and every one. And you can too!  Here’s to hoping that what you find on this blog will help you make it all come true.

Thank you for visiting my site and I truly hope you come back again and again.

Lots of love and amazing travels to you,


It would be a tragedy not see more of God’s natural beauty  – Gennelle



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