November 1, 2017

This list could vary based on what you feel is most important, but a few of them should be definitely included when you are heading away from home even for a couple of days. I actually have forgotten one or two of these, and it was so frustrating when I realized I did. So with that, here are top 5 items I try to always remember to pack:

1. Passport or Travel Documents

You ain’t going anywhere without these precious documents! That feeling of excitement for the adventures ahead turns to “OH *%#!!” as soon as you realize you don’t have the most important thing you need to be able to leave. Not only does it cause you stress, it actually could cost you money. As a pre-caution, make sure that’s the first thing you pack even if it’s days away. In addition to this, make sure you have a couple of copies of your documents especially your ID or passport. If you are away and they end up going missing, then the copies will help you get back home.

2. Prescribed Medication AND in their Original Bottles

You could be putting your health in danger or be in for a very uncomfortable trip without your medication. Also, I’ve heard too many times where travelers have had theirs taken away because it didn’t have the proper labels or documentation. You may be able to get the medication easily or prescribed in your destination, but there are no guarantees. Also, if you are unprepared financially for those medical purchases, that’s a whole other hurdle. Traveling is stressful enough, if you can avoid a problem like this as much as possible, it will make for a smoother journey.

3. Eyeglasses if You’re Visually Challenged Like Me

If you’re an eyeglass wearer like me, forgetting yours can be quite devastating. Although it won’t ruin your trip, it will definitely put a damper on it if you can’t see what’s in front of you if you’re use to being able to. Although I haven’t forgotten mine yet, I did accidentally bring an old pair and it did affect my ability to fully enjoy the trip. Best bet too is to bring a back-up pair or a set of contact lenses.

4. Dolla Dolla Bills

You may not have much, but you should bring some. Not all places take a credit card and sometimes when entering a new country, they require entrance fees that are unincluded in your air ticket. Also, don’t depend on your debit card as well. Some debit cards don’t work in all foreign machines. I encountered this little issue and thankfully I had a credit card that I could withdraw money from.

5. Travel Insurance

Although this is not as important to pack as it is to purchase. Some travellers may not worry a great deal about cancellation coverage as much as health insurance, and I completely agree. If you end up in an emergency situation and need medical services, you or those you are with shouldn’t have to worry about payment for the aid. You hear increasingly more stories about travelers who unfortunately were in a situation and thankfully are medically okay, BUT left with a hefty bill. Not only is the insurance itself important but also knowing the stipulations or restrictions before you leave is as equally important. You definitely don’t want to assume everything is covered and then be disappointed to find out in fact it wasn’t. No one wants to be in that situation! Although you may never use it – and I hope you won’t have to-it’s always better to pay upfront as after the fact, it could be so much more.

I’m sure there are a ton of other items that we could add to this list, however; for me, these are the top ones I always have in check before I get my butt on that plane. If your top five is different, I would love hearing what they are. Please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Lots of love and peace to you. Gee

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